What is ChiroJuice (MLAS)?

For Students, Parents, Teachers (and everyone else, for that matter!)

ChiroJuice.com is an online business directory - similar to an online yellow pages.  But it's much more than a simple directory of advertisers -- because each advertiser on MLAS has committed to devote a portion of their monthly marketing fee to a local high school in their area.  Search by category, by business name or by school.  When you do, you'll find a list of companies who offer you their products and services while also pledging to support your school.  Many of our advertisers offer you special discounts and promotions found only on ChiroJuice.com -- so not only are you supporting your school when you make a purchase, you'll also be saving money.  It's a win-win situation...one in which you support the businesses that support your school.

You may not be aware of just how important fundraising is for your local high school. High schools across the United State are being forced to operate on smaller and smaller budgets even as costs continue to increase.  At one time or another we've all been asked to buy something or make a donation to particular school program.  Students are asked (well, forced, in most in cases) to participate in the fundraising efforts - selling everything from candy to spices or volunteering for car washes and pancake breakfasts.  While giving to and/or being a part of your school's fundraising efforts is important, often the amount of time and effort put into the fundraiser results in minimal financial benefit.  Fundraising is an essential part of how your local school is able to financially support many of the programs its students participate in.  By using ChiroJuice.com, you're helping your school's fundraising efforts in a very simple, painless and money-saving manner!

If your school isn't already involved in the MLAS fundraising program, please take the time to let your school know about this web site and the incredibly easy program we have to offer.  Have a school administrator fill out our information request form to receive details on how easy, fast and financially rewarding ChiroJuice.com can be.

Show your community support.  Support the businesses that support your school.  The first step is only a simple search away...

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