What is ChiroJuice (MLAS)?

Fundraising For Schools - Simple and Successful

School fundraising programs have become an increasingly important activity -- just to provide the essentials for our students.  One major problem with traditional fundraising programs is that the time required to organize each fundraiser, not to mention finding enough volunteers and motivated students, is absolutely enormous.  Local booster clubs or school staff members are usually responsible for creating, executing and managing fundraising programs.  Even though your school's fundraising goals are growing each and every year, your limited resources make it harder each year to find the time and the people necessary to effectively run successful fundraisers. 

How would you like to participate in a fundraiser that requires almost zero work on your end?  How about a fundraiser that pays you month in and month out with a consistent and repetitive revenue stream?  Welcome to ChiroJuice!  We’ve developed our website to be a community business directory with a significant portion of the revenue earned to be shared directly with your school.  Local businesses, parents, and others in the community want to support your school -- but it is an awfully hard sell to simply ask these concerned individuals to just send in money.  And as more and more organizations - from city athletic programs, to churches, to charities all try to collect funds through various programs, the effectiveness of each of them dissipates.  Your supporters can only buy so many candy bars, pizzas and coupon books before they have to start saying "no". 

Easy, Effective Fundraising That Keeps on Giving

Why not empower the your community to participate in a fundraiser through their normal and everyday purchases?  Instead of asking a local business to simply write a check to sponsor a program, why not provide them with something they can actually use that will help their business thrive?  A MLAS marketing program provides a first class marketing and advertising solution that not only helps them build their brand and keep them top of mind with their local consumers, they also get to be recognized in the community as a supporter of your school.  Your students, parents, faculty, coaches and the general public can use ChiroJuice.com to quickly find local businesses that support your school.  And by supporting these businesses they support their school.  It's a win-win situation for your school and for local business that can create long term, sustained monthly income year after year.

Interested in finding out how easy it is to get started with the MLAS fundraising program?  Fill out our information request form and one of our ChiroJuice.com representatives will contact you promptly.


Show your community support.  Support the businesses that support your school.  The first step is only a simple search away...

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