Vitamin Quality Matters

Chiropractors are excellent nutritional counselors, and often sell quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements in their clinic.  You may ask yourself if buying supplements at your chiropractic clinic is any better than buying them at your local grocery or discount store.  The answer is YES!

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a supplement.    Supplements should not contain harmful additives or fillers.  Manufacturers add these fillers/additives to your supplements for easier and faster production, to make them easier to swallow, and to make them more appealing to their customers.  Any supplement that has additives and fillers will be harmful to your health in the same way processed foods are.  They block your body from absorbing vital nutrients, increase the risk of heart problems and strokes, and effect your blood sugar levels.   Fillers to avoid include:  Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Colors, Magnesium Stearate,  Titanium Dioxide, Lead and Mercury.  If you have food allergies or sensitivities, you will also want to make sure your supplements do not contain traces of what you are allergic to, such as wheat, egg or dairy.

Not all vitamins and dietary supplements are created equally. There are no standards that require that the ingredients listed on the label match what is actually inside the capsules or tablets inside the bottle.  Therefore, you want to make sure you trust the source of your supplements and/or research them.   Dietary supplements are not regulated, so the amount of a certain nutrient they contain as shown on the label may be different than whay they actually contain.  You can call a company or the lab that manufactures them to ask how they test for the nutrient level in their vitamins.  A reputable company will be able to provide an answer to this.

You also want to check that your supplement has an expiration date, and that it is well within the freshness date.

Many chiropractors offer one or more quality line of vitamin and mineral supplements.  You can be assured these products will be top quality.  A common brand chiropractic clinics carry is Metagenics.  Their products are certified GMP (good manufacturing practices), contain only pure and safety-tested ingredients, have all been tested on humans, and are created by the best scientific research.   Nordic Naturals is another quality supplement offered by many chiropractors.  They offer a line of omega oils from Norway, which are mercury free.

Many people buy vitamins over the internet or at their local discount store, and often these vitamins are poor quality.  Your Chiropractor can also help you determine which supplements you should be taking for general health, or for specific conditions or illnesses.  They have researched the products they stock, so you can rest assured the vitamins are top quality.  In today’s confusing world of supplements where so many products are offered, your safest bet is to rely on the expertise of your chiropractor.

Author:  Michelle Caron

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